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6 Williams Way, Longwick, HP27 9RP 

01844 342437 basil2164@gmail.com
AR Ceramics Tiling Service Ceramic Tiling End Cottage, Whiteleaf, Princes Risborough, HP27 0LL 07747 805601 adam.arceramics@googlemail.com
Askett Nurseries Nurseries Aylesbury Road, Askett, Princes Risborough, Hp27 9LY 01844 274635 simon@askettnurseries.com
Briants Of Risborough Home & Garden and fencing Green Close Works, Thame Road, Longwick, HP27 9SG. 01844 343663   info@briantsonline.co.uk
C & A Fencing Fencing Contractor 10, Broad Leys, Princes Risborough, HP27 9BJ 01844 343789 cbeswick12@gmail.com
Dove Decor Renovation Company 10, Station Road, Princes Risborough, HP27 9DF 01844 273030 info@dovedecor.co.uk
Easy Living Homes Older Resident Interiors Harvest Barn, Alscot Lane, Princes Risborough, HP27 9RU O7774133514 alison@easylivinghome.co.uk
Kevin Wharton Fencing & Gates Fencing Contractor 36, Berryfield Road, Princes Risborough, HP27 0HQ 01844 344747 wharton480@btinternet.com
Risborough Re Upholstery Upholsterers Walkers Yard, Thame Road, Princes Risborough, HP27 9SG 01844 347642 risboroughre-upholstery@live.co.uk
Trilogy Interiors of Risborough Interior Designers 38 Bell Street, Princes Risborough, HP27 0AD 01844 344387 trilogyinteriors@aol.com